• Peak District Cottages - walk 7

Walk 7: Parkhouse and Chrome Hills


A walk through classic limestone countryside and an opportunity to climb ancient coral reefs that now tower over the surrounding valleys...

                    Time: 2½ hours+ (depending on hill climbs)

                    Distance:  9 kms (5.5 miles) + hills



  1. Walk down the drive past Sheldon Cottage
  1. At end of the drive turn left & climb over the wall at the footpath sign.  Walk down to the gate on the far side of the field (a)
  2. Go through the gate & turn right. Follow the path downhill with the wall on your right until you reach the road
  3. Cross the stile & turn left onto the road, continuing downhill
  4. Take the first road on the right (b) and follow it as it bends to the right and passes through Underhill
  5. At this point, the way becomes a straight track - continue through 2 gates, past Underhill Farm and a further gate until it once again becomes a narrow tarmac road
  6. At Glutton Bridge (c), turn left onto the road and then immediately right at the telephone box
  7. As you walk along this minor road, you pass first Parkhouse Hill on your right and then Chrome Hill on the left.  Climbing either (or both) of these will reward you with spectacular views (you can wave to Wheeldon Trees !)
  8. Continue along the road past Dowall Hall on your
  9. As the road bends left, take the footpath on the right (d) which climbs steeply up and out of the dale.  Go through the gate and across another field to the style at the far end (e)
  10. After the style, turn left, follow the path downhill and then uphill until you reach the road (f).
  11. Turn right onto the road, and walk down to the crossroads.
  12. Continue straight ahead through Earl Sterndale.  At the end of the village, follow the road as it descends gently past the pond
  13. After about 200 meters bear left up the lane marked ‘unsuitable for motors’ (g)
  14. At the end of the lane, bear right and continue on the road until you reach Wheeldon Trees Farm on your right