• Peak District Cottages - walk 3

Walk 3: Wheeldon Trees - Longnor


Across the Upper Dove Valley and up to Longnor - The Craft Centre, 2 pubs, our favourite chippie, the village store and local deli 'Cobbles'...

Time: 1¾ hours approx

Distance:  8 kms (5 miles)


  1. Walk down the drive past Sheldon Cottage.  At end of the drive turn left & climb over the wall at the footpath sign (a)
  2. Straight ahead to the gate on the far side of the field (b)
  3. Go through the gate & turn right. Follow the path downhill with the wall on your right until you reach the road
  4. Cross the stile & turn left onto the road, continuing downhill
  5. Take the first road on the right.  As it bends to the right turn immediately left, crossing over the wall into a field (c)
  6. Walk straight ahead crossing 2 fields to join a track. Continue through Meadow Farm, until the path rejoins the road
  7. Turn right onto the road and at the T junction (d) turn right again, heading past The Packhorse Inn, across the River Dove and up the hill until you reach the village of Longnor
  8. Enjoy tea and scones in the Craft Centre, buy a paper from the village stores and stock up with goodies at Cobbles Deli
  9. Head up the cobbled lane between Cobbles and the public loos and turn right on to the road at the church.  At the beautifully named Top o’th’Edge, turn left, head up the hill and round to the left (e).  Ahead of you is a great view of High Wheeldon.
  10. Go through the metal gate and down the concrete path until you reach a stone barn.
  11. The footpath passes to the left of the barn, heads across the meadow (keep all the way over to the left if boggy), then up and down to cross Beggar’s Bridge (f)
  12. Continue up the Green Lane, rejoining the farm road at (c) and turning left where this joins the public road
  13. After 200 meters, climb the stile back onto the National Trust land and follow the path keeping the stone wall on you left.
  14. Go through the gate (b) & walk uphill to the fingerpost. Cross the wall - Wheeldon Trees is on your right !