• Peak District Cottages - walk 2

Walk 2: Wheeldon Trees - High Wheeldon


Short, steep walk takes you up to one of the best panoramic views in the Peak District...


Time: About 30-40 minutes
Distance: ½ - 1 km (depending how far you roam…)

  1. Walk down the drive past Sheldon Cottage
  2. At end of the drive turn left & climb over the wall at the footpath sign (a)
  3. Straight ahead to the gate on the far side of the field (b)
  4. Go through the gate and start climbing the hill – as you go up you’ll find steps worn in to the path to help you…
  5. Test the acoustics on the way up – there’s quite an echo across the valley
  6. About ¾ of the way up you’ll pass an old limestone kiln (c) – past here, the path gets a bit flatter and easier
  7. Give yourself a pat on the back when you reach the summit (d) – a local war memorial and trig point with probably the best views in the Peak District !
  8. To your right, you can see the ‘Dragons Back’ in a line to your right leading to Parkhouse and Chrome Hills
  9. To reach the entrance to Fox Hole Cave (e), walk along the ridge towards Earl Sterndale for about 150 meters.
  10. Head back down to the same gate (b) either retracing your steps or finding your own way. It’s all Open Access land so you can walk wherever you want
  11. Go through the gate, up the field and climb back over the wall – you’re back !