Our local business partners - helping us provide you with a memorable stay...

Karen and Nigel Moss - do such a fantastic looking after Wheeldon Trees (and Bernie and Mister !) when we are away; Nigel is also our maintenance man and Karen part of our cleaning team...
We are also fortunate to have the cleaning services of (in no particular order) Claire, Lisa B., Lisa N., Donna, Jenny, Jo, Sue ), Sue G, Julie, and Anne.  Your laundry is lovingly (!) ironed by Tammy

Taking time off their schoolwork to help us at weekends, George, Will and Jo help keep the grass, leaves (and other vegetation) under control while Charlotte helps out with food preparation and other practical admin jobs.

Dave W. is on call for wall repairs and extra gardening duty...
Big Ferneyford Farm – Neil and Dot supply the beef and lamb that goes into our Shephards Pie and Lasagne; and the fabby steaks and chops available in our freezer
Derbyshire Dales Organics , Brailsford
– We love Sarah; she supplies the organic bacon and sausages as well as the organic chicken we use to prepare freezer dishes 

Dunham Massey Farm , Altrincham – Fantastic fruit juice in the breakfast baskets
Hartington Cheese Shop, Hartington – Purveyors (I believe is the term) of guess-what for our breakfast baskets
Hope Valley Ice Cream, Thorpe Farm, Hathersage – Deborah claims she doesn’t like ice cream, but is prepared to make an exception…  My favourite is Whisky & Ginger – a prize winner at The Bakewell Show
Nice Nosh, Buxton – At the weekends, you can find John dispensing his delectable wares at Trentabank car park in Macclesfield Forest.  In his spare time, he makes the delicious cakes and biscuits that await your arrival in your cottage

Cocoadance , Castleton - All things chocolatey !

Brock and Morten , Ashford-in-the-Water - we're a bit too far north for olive oil, but their rapeseed oil is just as delicious

Coconut Blush - lovely soaps to use here, or take home as a gift

Honeypot - No prizes for guessing this one either - catch them at the monthly farmers' market in Bakewell
Pauline at Mere Farm – Backup egg supplier when our own production line fails to keep up with demand…  As you get to Earl Sterndale, Pauline lives (with her family and cows, sheep, donkeys, pigs, hens and guinea fowl) in the farm on the left as you come to the junction
Peak District Dairy, Tideswell – We use the dairy’s double cream to make the butter for our breakfast baskets and their milk so that you can have a refreshing cuppa when you arrive
The Honeycomb Project, Leek – our source for bird boxes, wheelbarrow planters and wooden outdoor furniture