Self catering cottages in the Peak District - enjoy fine local food in your own Derbyshire holiday cottage

Can’t be bothered to cook ?

Don’t fancy going out ?

We’ve delicious, locally produced dishes in our communal freezer.

Just pick your favourites, pop them in the oven and enjoy !

Typically, you’ll find the following:
Main Courses - (enough for 2)
Moroccan chicken / Lasagne / Shepherds Pie / Fish Pie - £10.00 each
(All home-made at Wheeldon Trees using organic chicken from Derbyshire Dales Organics, and beef mince from Big Ferneyford Farm in Longnor.  Our fish is delivered by Morris' of Buxton)
Vegetarian curry / A selection of vegetarian quiches - £6.00 each
(We make our own curries and get our quiches from Billy Balmer at Bakewell Farmers Market)

Homemade Vegetable Soups (enough for 2) - £2.00 per pack
Desserts (enough for 2) - all £6.00 each
Fruit crumble / Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding / Sticky Toffee Pudding
(Home made at Wheeldon Trees)
Bakewell Brownie
(Specially made for us by The Bakewell Brownie Company) - and also available by mail order!

Big Ferneyford Farm Steak/Lamb chops                Individually priced
Home made bread                                                   £2.00 per loaf
Organic Sausages - from Derbyshire Dales Organics   £4.00 per pack
Organic Bacon- from Derbyshire Dales Organics         £4.00 per pack
Butter – from Peak District Dairy                                £1.00 per pot
Ice Cream– Hope Valley Ice Cream                             £3.50 / ½ litre
                                                                            £1.50 / 125 ml
Staffordshire Oatcakes                                             £1.50 / six
In the larder…
Semi-skimmed Milk                                                  £0.55p per pint
Eddisbury Farm Apple Juice                                       £2.20 per litre
Extra Virgin Olive oil                                                £0.65 per 100 ml
Our own free-range hens eggs                                   £1.50 per ½ dozen                                   
Our own duck eggs                                                  £2.10 per ½ dozen                           
Home-made Granola                                                £1.00 per bag
Home-made natural yogurt                                       £0.60 per pot
100g Staffordshire Cheddar                                      individually priced
Jam & marmalade, tinned vegetables, dried pasta, tuna, pasta sauce and other goodies are also usually available.