Enjoy fine local food in your own cottage without too much effort.....

Can’t be bothered to cook ?

Don’t fancy going out ?

We’ve got lots of delicious, home-made dishes in our communal freezer located in the Laundry Room.

Just pick your favourites, pop them in the oven and enjoy !

Typically, you’ll find the following:
Main Courses - (enough for 2)
Moroccan chicken / Lasagne / Shepherds Pie / Fish Pie - £10.00 each
(we use organic chicken from Derbyshire Dales Organics, and beef mince from Big Ferneyford Farm in Longnor.  Our fish is delivered by Morris' of Buxton)
Vegetarian dishes (e.g. curry, Tuscan spinach)  - £6.00 each

Vegetable Soups (enough for 2) - £2.00 each

Kids' Cheesy Pasta (enough for 1-2) - £4.00 each
Desserts (enough for 2) - £6.00 each
Fruit crumble / Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding / Sticky Toffee Pudding

You'll also find Bakewell Brownies (Specially made for us by The Bakewell Brownie Company) - and also available by mail order!


Big Ferneyford Farm Steak/Lamb chops                     Individually priced
Home made bread                                                   £2.00 per loaf
Organic Sausages - from Derbyshire Dales Organics   £4.00 per pack
Organic Bacon- from Derbyshire Dales Organics         £4.00 per pack
Butter – from Peak District Dairy                               £1.00 per pack
Ice Cream– Hope Valley Ice Cream                           £3.50 / ½ litre or £1.50 / 125 ml
Staffordshire Oatcakes                                             £1.50 / six
In the larder…
Semi-skimmed Milk                                                  £0.55p per pint
Dunham Massey Cheshire Apple Juice                       £2.20 per litre
Peak District cold pressed Rapeseed oil                     £0.65 per 100 ml
Our own free-range eggs                                          £1.50 per ½ dozen                            
Our own duck eggs                                                  £2.10 per ½ dozen                          
Home-made Granola                                                £1.00 per bag
Home-made natural yogurt                                       £0.60 per pot
150g Peakland cheese                                             individually priced
Jam & marmalade, tinned vegetables, dried pasta, tuna, pasta sauce, chocolates, biscuits and other goodies are also usually available.

To order an organic fruit or vegetable box to be delivered to Wheeldon Trees, have a look at the
Riverford website.....