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What's in a names?

Brittonic, Old English, Anglo-Saxon,
Norman, and Ecclesiastical names
bear witness to previous inhabitants...

Made in the Peak District

Gifts and furniture from
sustainable producers...

Peak District National Park
Facts and Figures

Did you know...
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330 million years ago, Wheeldon
Trees (and the rest of the British
Isles) would have been pn the

Wheeldon Trees History

Thanks to research by the
local history group, we’ve
found out a little of the
history of Wheeldon Trees...

Suppliers and Partners

Our local business partners -
helping us provide you with
a memorable stay...

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Peak District National Park Authority

Britain’s first National Park...
Peak District Landscape

Shaped by both natural
and human influences...
Local History

Head up to High Wheeldon
find the entrance to an
ancient cave...

 Derbyshire Dales National
Nature Reserves 

Five secret limestone
Valleys in the peak District...